Beads & Needs Shane Smith

Shane Smith
Polymer Clay Artist & Instructor

Hundreds of thousands of little clay shapes have rolled through my hands over the course of 35-40 years. Each bit of clay one fraction better than the last. Some of them published in books, some of them secretly placed all over the world. Some forever lost in heat vents, stolen, or eaten by dogs. Most are lovingly paired with other makers in their own creations. As much as eating satisfies my hunger, creating satisfies my soul.


Shane is published in at least 5 books featuring polymer clay art and design, has traveled extensively, and been a clay beta tester for both Premo and Kato polymer clay brands. For 10 years in her Colorado mountain studio, Shane’s Angels, she made 13,000 Angels by hand and sold in 26 stores in 10 states. She has written online tutorials and videos for CraftArtEdu and her work was the second best seller of 500 tutorials offered in 2015. She teaches locally and as a student, has learned from the very best in polymer clay retreats across the country. Shane has other talents including murals and decorative painting.

Founder of the original Pikes Peak Polymer Clay Guild in the early 90's:

Steering committee member: The Pingree P. Clay Retreat. An annual invitational of polymer clays finest talent.

You can find Shane on Facebook and ETSY.